course of conscious metabolic health and tasty happy life in a vibrant body

How to Achieve a Satisfying and Effortless Life in a Fantastic Healthy Body that Can Digest ANY Food within a Month. Read the Details Below!

“Ready to embrace a joyful life in a healthier body?

Curious about decoding your body’s signals and needs?

Yearning to cherish your body and soul for a vibrant life?

If you answered YES, come join me on a transformative health journey!

In just a month, through 10 audio sessions, you’ll:

🌱 Unlock health and youthfulness secrets
🔥 Ignite fat-burning and revitalization processes
🍏 Navigate real-world diets with confidence
🚫 Bust common diet myths
🥑 Master trendy wellness techniques like intermittent fasting, keto, and more
🍽️ Learn which foods to embrace and avoid for your well-being
🧠 Get the latest science-backed insights for a healthier you!

Join our community of successful body transformers and health enthusiasts, and let’s embark on a mindful journey to a fantastic body and a vibrant life!

Regeneration and Flexibility of Metabolism Journey with me. This unique course consists of 10 audio sessions delivered through a private Telegram channel every 3 days. Over a span of 72 hours, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to the audio content at your convenience and complete engaging practical assignments that are essential for achieving optimal results.

What sets this course apart is that you’ll craft your own individual dietary strategy while receiving up-to-date scientific knowledge from me in simple language.

You’ll learn to listen to your body’s wisdom, cherish its preferences, and trust its inner intelligence.

By the end of the course, you’ll possess comprehensive knowledge about wellness strategies and the ability to apply various tools tailored to your needs. You’ll intuitively attune to the wisdom of your soul’s temple. After all, the path to health lies within each person, and I, as a knowledge guide, merely help you hear your inner healer.

For those who seek additional personalized attention, during the course, you can avail a discounted individual coaching session at 10-20-30% off. This session will help you integrate wellness tools into your life, considering your unique situation with care.

If you prefer self-paced participation over the scheduled sessions, you can choose the participant option. You’ll receive 30-day access to course materials. Completing the assignments is strongly recommended as they are a crucial component of the unique life and health improvement methodology.

Who is this one-month course suitable for? Individuals who:

  • Dream of understanding what to eat for weight loss and which foods suit them best
  • Desire a deep grasp of low-carb diets, from keto and paleo to LCHF, GAPS, and carnivore-meat based diets
  • Are new to the keto diet or those for whom it has lost its effectiveness
  • Enjoy flavorful and pleasurable eating
  • Prioritize health above all
  • Wish for an active, adaptable/flexible metabolism to handle spontaneous fast food or carbohydrate-rich meals
  • Want to break free from forbidden food cravings
  • Desire to indulge in coffee, dairy products, and even alcohol without dependency
  • Enjoy satisfying meals
  • Yearn to uncover the secrets of world centenarians
  • Seek a healthy and tranquil gut with harmonious residents in the form of friendly microflora
  • Nutritionists and physicians who appreciate my course for its scientifically grounded, sensible, holistic, and integrative approach based on a wealth of effective knowledge.


Join our month-long course featuring 10 audio sessions spaced every 3 days. You’ll enjoy engaging infographics and helpful text prompts, all delivered within a private Telegram group.

“Engaging with the audio content, viewing images, and reading textual information typically takes around 40 to 60 minutes every three days. This is coupled with time for completing an interesting practical assignment, reflecting on results, and summarizing insights in a message to me personally.”

Yes, completing the practical and highly significant assignments and sending reports to me is a mandatory requirement for participating in the personalized fitness and wellness course. This is a crucial step in applying the acquired knowledge in practice to achieve optimal results!

The option with feedback from me, through comments and tips on your submitted reports, provides a more effective experience compared to the ‘listener’ tier, which lacks direct feedback. This option suits those who need closer attention and my caring approach to health nuances. The VIP tier ensures consistent caring feedback from me via private messages throughout the course. It’s like a royal treatment for your health journey, maximizing the impact on achieving your fitness and wellness goals. In all tiers, completing assignments and sending reports is necessary to access the next session.”

All participation options give you lifetime access to the course materials, which is incredibly convenient. This means you can revisit important points and get inspired to pursue your health and fitness goals whenever you wish!

Yes, absolutely! You can upgrade your tier at any time, especially if you feel the need and desire for more of my caring involvement!

In the respective option with my support, feedback is provided through my personal text messages. In the VIP tier, it includes both text and voice messages as responses to timely submitted assignment reports. These messages offer tips on expediting your fitness and wellness goals, as well as easing the adaptation to dietary changes and body transformations.

Course participants do NOT interact with each other. They communicate solely with me, the course author, through private messages. All information within the closed group originates from me, ensuring maximum effectiveness in achieving personal fitness goals while maintaining confidentiality.

This one-month personalized course is all about metabolic flexibility and highly effective fat burning. It’s built on scientific knowledge of how our bodies work, respecting the laws of nature, the latest findings in nutrition, and my extensive experience with weight loss, health improvements, and helping numerous clients succeed. This isn’t another quick-fix diet promising unrealistic results. Instead, it’s about adopting a healthy approach to eating, respecting your body’s needs, and gently initiating processes that promote both wellness and weight loss.

Since you’re here reading these words, you’ve already taken that crucial first step towards improvement. You’re ready for change. Trust the process and trust me, an experienced expert in this field. Most importantly, show your sincere desire to become healthier and fitter, to live a long and joyful life in a fantastic body, embracing all the joys life has to offer!

The metabolic flexibility development course is designed to build a foundation of health through various tools of dietary lifestyle correction. If you are currently undergoing medical treatment, especially during the acute inflammatory phase of any condition, it is not recommended to take this course. The use of different interventions and adjustments to medication doses should be coordinated with your treating physician. All course information is meant to provide enlightening recommendations and is not intended as medical advice.

It might be worth understanding and embracing that this month of caring for your health will change your life. We aren’t always ready for such shifts, but since you’re already here, it suggests that your previous lifestyle and dietary habits, to put it mildly, weren’t the most effective. This month with me will be quite intensive because you’ll need to listen to the sessions and follow recommendations every three days, dedicating 40-60 minutes for listening and additional time for assignments. Moreover, some advice and information might challenge established dietary assumptions, and initially, your brain might resist accepting new information that has the potential to transform your life. It can be challenging to embrace ‘new’ rules based on the laws of body physiology, rules that genuinely influence our health. Also, please note that the course recordings are made by me without professional equipment, so you might hear background sounds like my son’s music, bells, and cats meowing. I hope this doesn’t bother you; rather, it adds a touch of entertainment and inspiration for life, health, and body improvements!

options of participation


  • 10 audio lessons
  • interesting tasks
  • 10% off on coaching
  • Access to course materials for 1 month
  • The opportunity to participate in the next advanced wellness course

Active participant

  • all bonuses of "Listener"
  • Access to course materials forever
  • 20% discount on individual consultation
  • 2nd webinar as a gift with your purchase
  • Feedback from me in the form of comments on reports and answers to questions related to the session topics


  • All the bonuses of the 'Active Participant'
  • 30% discount on individual consultation
  • Feedback from me in the form of comments, responses, audio messages, brief conversations, and quick answers to questions throughout the course
  • Gentle guidance by me with careful attention and understanding of the individual situation and health condition of the participant, including adjustments to health tools based on individual goals
  • Maximum of 3 participants
  • The opportunity to participate in the next advanced wellness course with a 30% discount


The Story Behind Creating the Course

Are you tired of following yet another strict diet?

Fed up with hearing the same rules about eating that don’t actually work, and the weight stubbornly comes back with extra kilos?

Do you want to stop feeling hungry all the time?!

Have you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions?

If even just one, then you’re definitely in the right place!

Because I too have grown tired of chasing the ideal figure by consuming fat-free cottage cheese, chicken breasts, and washing them down with green spinach smoothies, only to later indulge in forbidden treats that I’ve been convincing myself to avoid… I’m tired of hearing about being ‘prone to gaining weight,’ ‘having a wide bone structure,’ and genetic predisposition that I should just accept!

And honestly, I’m tired of being hungry again just an hour or two after consuming the next ‘healthy’ low-fat snack in the style of small meals, otherwise my metabolism will supposedly slow down!

Do you recognize yourself?

Since 2016, I’ve turned things around and, ignoring all those rules like ‘don’t eat after 6 pm/ before bed,’ myths about ‘boosting metabolism with frequent snacks,’ and the ‘avoidance of smelling meat,’ I’ve embraced the science and grasped the natural laws of human physiology.

Years of dedicated and successful learning across various fields related to health, body, and psychology have paid off!

After all, over 4000 hours of my education and self-improvement in the realm of health have resulted in successful weight loss and maintaining a comfortable weight with ease.

Living in a light, satiated, energized, and, most importantly, HEALTHY body allows me to continue passionately pursuing my work—educating you all for the sake of health and lightness. And now, I’m also on my journey towards becoming a Doctor of Integrative Medicine.

I’ve packed all my knowledge and secrets of metabolic flexibility, which enables an active, joyful, lean, and healthy life, into 10 audio sessions that gently nurture your health and slimness over the course of a month.

This month-long course changes lives, shattering the walls of diet myths, opening new horizons of health, offering your body a chance for self-restoration, and providing it with the care and love it deserves through our attentive response to its signals.

You’ll learn to hear the signals of satiety, make friends with hunger, and respect it—skillfully accommodating it. You’ll debunk myths around coffee, fats, carbs, cholesterol, supplements, water, alcohol, fermented foods, veganism, and vegetarianism…

You’ll understand whether dairy products are essential for you, how many cups of coffee you can enjoy per day, how many liters of water are reasonable to consume))

Is it worth stuffing yourself with broccoli and fat-free cottage cheese? Should you hunt down expensive goji berries and chia seeds? What exactly is ‘bulletproof coffee’ and keto/paleo/low-carb diets, and more…

In short, you’ll gain a wealth of modern knowledge about the most effective tools for health and slimness!

This course:

– Is NOT just another week or month-long diet, after which everything lost comes back, and then some.
– Is NOT about a magical pill promising to help you shed 20 kg in 10 days.
– Is NOT about low-calorie regimens or weight loss powders!

This unique course is about self-love, care manifested through attention to yourself and every piece of food that enters your body, triggering specific reactions that you’ll learn to understand, accept, and even control based on your own will!

The knowledge I share through recorded audio sessions with advice is invaluable. Your understanding of diets will never be the same, as you now have fundamental knowledge about your body that I’ll share with you in an easy, humorous, and simple way!

It will be interesting, fun, enlightening, and engaging! In my signature style of living in pleasure!

Give yourself a month-long adventure to better health and slimness under my expert guidance, just as I once gifted myself lightness and fitness in a healthy body!

See you soon in my realm of lightness, enjoyment of life in a fantastic body, and flexible adherence to the laws of nature.


Yours truly,
Fairy of Slimness and Health,
BioKatya 🧚🏻‍♀️

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